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Fresh Ingredients/Vegan Base

Our company takes pride in ensuring that the highest quality ingredients are being used. Our Lip Glosses are composed of a natural vegan base and are cruelty free. Our company also uses fresh ingredients to enhance the aroma and texture in our products.

Organic All Natural Butters and Oils

Our lip balms are made with all natural ingredients that are organic, vegan, and pure. Our lip balms bring hydration and nourishment back into the most softest and delicate surface of your face. 

One Of A Kind Designs

Our company creats one of a kind designs in limited quantity. Our company also uses high quality t-shirts and products.

Our Custom Designed Tees

Our custom t-shirts are designed with love and perfection! Our details are different and unique, so when it hit your doorstep, it will exceed your expectations!

I love the lip balms! My lips feel so smooth and soft. Already!


The lip gloss is amazing! Long lasting, great quality, and it makes my lips look and feel great!   


It made my lips feel soft, and hydrated. I was able to apply the lip balm, drink coffee, eat a muffin, and hold a hour long conversation, and still feel as if I just applied the lip balm. Also, I never once felt as if, it was heavy or sticky on my lips!

Linda S.

Love my t-shirts, fit perfectly and very comfortable! Great quality! Awesome designs! Fast delivery and great service!





Awesome T-Shirt Designs